Natural Oily Skin Makeup

 Nowadays, makeup has become an essential thing that every woman wants to have. But some women worry because of their different type of skin types. This is why we bring beauty hacks and tricks that help for applying makeup for oily skin.

Tips for Makeup for Oily Skin

·         Cleanse your face and use micellar water if you have

·         Apply the best moisturizing cream for your oily skin

·         Always use a primer before applying makeup

·         Use matte foundation

·         Foundation should be long-lasting

Makeup products for oily skin

If you have oily skin so you can use these products –

Ø  Lakme perfect radiance intense whitening compact

Ø  Sheer cover mineral makeup

Ø  Revlon Colorstay mineral blush

Ø  Mac studio fix powder plus foundation

Ø  Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily skin

Ø  Lotus herbal pure stay compact

Ø  Loreal Paris mineral blush

Ø  Mac mineralize skin finish

Ø  Mac prolong wear foundation

How to do natural makeup for oily skin?

Natural makeup looks give any woman an attractive look. If you have oily skin so can try this natural makeup for oily skin.

Here, is the step to do makeup for oily skin

Step -1 Clean and Exfoliate

It is the primary and important step because cleaning and exfoliation remove dead skin, dirt, blackhead from your skin.

Step – 2 Moisturize

Apply a sun protection moisturizer on your face and neck area.

Step – 3 Mattify Your Skin

Use a few drops of the best quality mattify and spread evenly on your face.

Step – 4 Apply Primer

Apply primer on your face

Step – 5 Setting Spray

After applying primer use a setting spray that is essential to make long-last makeup on oily skin.

Step – 6 Apply Eye Primer

It is also required to ready your skin before doing makeup. Eye primer is applied under the eyes.

Step – 7 BB Cream

Apply BB cream because it makes your skin tone more even and easily blendable with foundation.

Step – 8 Concealer

Apply concealer under your eyes.

Step – 9 Set your BB Cream

Use a setting spray to set your concealer and BB cream

Step – 10 Apply Foundation

Evenly apply foundation on your face and blend using a sponger

Step – 11 Shape your Brows

Shaping your eyebrows is very important. Use a pencil and make the shape also add a brow gel to get the finish.

Step – 12 Eye Primer

Use a lid primer on your eyes to prepare makeup for your eyeshadow.

Step – 14 Apply Eyeshadow

Apply a light color eyeshadow if you are in summer because it looks charming on the eyes.

Step – 15 Shimmer Eyeshadow

A shimmer eyeshadow creates an extra shine on the eyes. Use little color shimmer eyeshadow and apply in the inner corner of your eyes.

Step -16 Eye Make-Up

First, curl your eyelashes then apply eyeliner and mascara to your eyes.

Step – 19 Apply Blush

Blush makes your cheeks pinkish. You can also use a highlighter on your cheeks and nose. Blush and highlighter help in highlighting your face.

Step -20 Apply bronzer on your face edges and complete makeup with your favorite color lipstick

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